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An Overview of Blooket’s Game-Based Learning Platform

Founded in 2018, Blooket creates game-style learning activities across various school subjects like math, English, science, history and more. Their suite of educational games transforms traditional learning into friendly competition and collaborative gameplay.

Here’s a quick look at some of Blooket’s most popular game formats:

  • Quizzes – Answer multiple choice questions across different topics to earn points.
  • Gold Quests – Race to collect gold tokens and answer questions before time runs out.
  • Tower Defense – Build defenses to protect your tower from invading enemies.
  • Crypto – Buy and sell tokens to build your crypto empire.
  • Factory – Manufacture and sell products to become the top tycoon.
  • Racing – Speed through courses and answer questions to reach the finish line.

This diverse mix of competitive games allows students to review classroom material in creative new ways.

Key Benefits of Using Blooket Games for Learning

So why are Blooket’s educational games so popular with over 30 million students and teachers? Here are some of the key benefits driving this online learning craze:

Makes Studying More Engaging and Enjoyable

Blooket’s game-based learning platform adds fun, friendly competition into studying. Students are motivated to keep playing games like Gold Quests to top the leaderboard. The upbeat soundtrack, zany sound effects and responsive game controls all make the experience more engaging.

Provides a Social and Collaborative Environment

Students can create or join teams to collaborate and play games together. This social interactivity enables peer learning as students motivate one another and celebrate victories. For remote learners, it builds connections. Teachers can also use Blooket games as icebreakers to introduce lessons.

Instant Feedback and Recognition with Rewards

With real-time scoring and leaderboards, students get instant feedback on their knowledge retention. Collecting points and achievements through gameplay offers positive reinforcement. Students are recognized for progress, keeping them encouraged.

Tracks Learning Progress

Blooket provides teachers with class and student statistics to monitor learning progress. Insights like which questions were answered incorrectly can help teachers identify weak areas to focus on. Students can also view their personal stats to track growth.

Versatile Platform for Different Subjects and Ages

Blooket games cater to a wide range of K-12 grade levels with subjects like math, science, English, history and even SAT/ACT test prep. The games can be customized by teachers or played as-is for a versatile classroom platform.

Works Great for In-Class and Remote Learning

Teachers can use Blooket games for in-classroom learning stations or online lessons. The web-based platform and multiplayer support make it easy to get an entire remote class engaged in real-time. Students can even join games on mobile.

Blooket Game Types: Learn Through Play

Blooket’s ever-expanding game library spans a diverse mix of quiz-based games, each with unique gameplay formats to make learning interactive. Here are some of the most popular Blooket game types used by over 30 million students worldwide:

Classic Quizzes

The basic quiz game has students race to answer multiple choice questions across a variety of school subjects. Buzz in fast and correct to score the most points on the leaderboard! With live updates, students feel motivated to push further up the ranks.

Gold Quests

This adventure-style game has students explore levels to collect gold tokens before time runs out. Along the way, they must answer subject-related questions quickly and correctly in order to amass more gold. Get the highest gold total to win!

Tower Defense Games

Students must build up defensive towers and trenches to protect their castle from invading enemies. Towers are bought by correctly answering skill-testing questions. More questions answered, the better fortified the castle becomes!

Crypto Games

In this simulation, students can buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies to gain profits. Prices fluctuate based on real-time market changes. To make money, players must demonstrate knowledge by answering themed trivia questions.

Factory Games

Manage production chains and retail stores, answering quiz questions to earn income. Buy raw materials to build products, then sell finished goods to turn a profit. Become the top tycoon by optimizing earnings!

Racing Games

Zoom through vibrant courses and terrain while answering questions to gain speed boosts. The further along the track players get, the harder the questions! Shortcuts and power-ups keep these quiz races exciting to the checkered flag.

With such a vast diversity of games, students stay engaged across multiple learning sessions. New games are continually added, so the platform never gets stale!

Customizing Games for Your Class Needs

Blooket provides teachers with extensive options to customize games for their curriculum. You can upload your own question sets, edit game settings like time limits and difficulty, set player caps, and more.

Here are some of the key customization features:

  • Add your own quiz questions – Upload questions tailored to your class module with the CSV importer.
  • Create questions in-app – Use Blooket’s question editor to add multiple choice, true/false and open response questions.
  • Adjust game length – Set shorter or longer game durations based on class time.
  • Change difficulty – Make games easier or harder by tweaking question difficulty and order.
  • Edit rewards – Assign different point values for correct/incorrect answers.
  • Shuffle teams – Randomly group students into new teams between games.
  • Track stats – Review class, student and question performance analytics.

With Blooket’s customization options, teachers can easily align games to lesson plans for a tailored learning experience.

How Teachers Are Using Blooket in the Classroom

With customizable games suitable for any subject or age group, Blooket is a versatile classroom platform. Here are some examples of how teachers are using Blooket games:

Bell Ringer Activity

Use a quick Blooket quiz as a bell ringer activity to start class. Get students engaged right away while assessing retention of previous lessons.

Learning Station or Center

Add Blooket as one of the choices for learning stations/centers during class. Students can play games that reinforce skills.

Lesson Review and Assessment

After teaching a lesson, have students play a customized Blooket quiz to assess retention. Use stats to identify weak areas.

Remote Learning Engagement

During virtual classes, play live Blooket games together to keep remote students focused and motivated.

Extra Credit

Allow students to play educational Blooket games for extra credit points.

Test Prep

Prepare for standardized tests with tailored games focused on building knowledge, speed and accuracy.

Student Rewards

Let students play Blooket as a reward for positive behavior and completing assignments. Educational and fun!

Blooket integrates seamlessly into existing classroom workflows, keeping students engaged with any activity.

Getting Started with Blooket

Ready to boost classroom engagement with Blooket’s multiplayer educational games? Follow these steps to get your class playing:

1. Create a Teacher Account

Go to the Blooket website and click Sign Up in the top right corner. Enter your info and create a teacher account.

2. Add Students

Once logged in, invite students to join your class by sharing a join code or importing a roster. Have students create accounts.

3. Explore Games

Check out the Game Library to view Blooket’s full catalog of educational games across topics and subjects. Select ones that fit your class.

4. Customize Games

Tailor games by uploading your own questions, editing settings like time and player limit, and more. Align with lessons.

5. Play Games with Students

Launch games for in-class or remote playing together. Monitor stats to see student progress. Keep them motivated!

With Blooket’s stellar educational games for classrooms of all grade levels and subjects, learning becomes an engaging, social experience. Get students excited about studying with friendly competition and compelling gameplay formats. Sign up today to access all features for free!